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Undocumented Beoplay Earset features.

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Svenni posted on Fri, Jun 7 2019 1:05 PM

To my surprise when I charged my Earset from my computer, it appeared as a USB audio device. I can't find any information about this feature but thought someone here might find this interesting. It even works on my Nintendo Switch. Now I need to find some thin and supple USB-C cables.

Are there maybe more Beoplay headphones or speakers that have this feature?

Beoplay A2 Black
Beoplay Earset
Beoplay H6 Black (Gen 2)
Beoplay S3 Black (x2)
Beovox CX50 White
Beovox CX50 Aluminium/Black

Beovox RL 6000 White

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