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B&O 8004 Cassette head carrier clicks in but clicks straight out again - was working fine

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Mike posted on Mon, Jun 3 2019 8:07 AM

Hello. I just fitted new belts from Simon (Dillon) and the 8004 worked fine. I have 2 drive units and both were fitted with new belts - keeping one as a spare BUT when the first tape drive unit stopped working (no motor rotation and heads just click in momentarily but don't stay in) I replaced the whole drive unit which was tested and was also working fine and it does exactly the same - head carrier clicks in but drops straight out again. Obviously it is very unlikely that both drive units suddenly went sour so I am hoping someone (are you there Dillon :-) might suggest what may have gone wrong, where to look or what to replace. 

Again, the whole deck was working just great, it was switched to standby and on inserting a tape would not play - out of the blue. I have looked for loose connections, removed and replaced the plugs from the drive unit that fit onto the board but all to no avail. All lights are on, it looks the same (have not found anything out of place) just no longer works.

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Dillen replied on Mon, Jun 3 2019 12:33 PM

It goes back to stop when no tape motion is sensed for a second or so.

Check the fuse and also the fuse holder on the board beneath the motor.
Check the solder joints of the large connector with the cables to the tape drive.


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