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Beolab 5 vs 50 vs 90?

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Razlaw replied on Sat, Jun 8 2019 8:51 PM
Have watched the video twice as making final decision in the next few days about upgrading my 20s to 50s. Your Porsche Ferrari Bugatti analogy was great!
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Esax replied on Sat, Jun 8 2019 10:25 PM
Everybody seems to forget that beolab 5 has 2500 watts and the beolab 50 has 2100 watts minus 2x300 watts for the room compensation.

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beolion replied on Sat, Jun 8 2019 11:01 PM
Thanks Steve. I found your “review” and analogy quite interesting and that made me want to try out the same.

Knowing I will not be able to afford the 90’a, I think your point is great that you should try to listen to the ultimate representation of music.

I have the 9’s and I love them but I still dream of the 5’s or now maybe even the 50’s.

Wife is not going to be happy ;-)
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Nicely done, Steve - I like your enthusiasm 👍


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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PaulGiles replied on Wed, Jun 12 2019 5:43 PM
Great video Steve.

This really does show how B&O are” like no one else”.

B&O at their finest!

It is then sad to read about the negative comments about B&O and the financial worry they possibly have.

Just my thoughts on it all.

1. People are just not aware of the brand anymore. Example, Everyone knows Beats or Apple for earphones but not B&O.

2. The multi room is too expensive at the lower levels and should be priced against SONOS to start getting people into the brand.

Granted other brands have bigger budgets for PR but why is the M3 the price it is and you cannot even stereo pair it either?

Yes it has more sources than a play 1 but that’s about it.

Aside from BS1&2 that are superb pieces of craftsmanship and precision the 3&5 should be priced so people can start getting into the brand.

More often than not, most people look at both options then start with a Play 1 or One and then when funds allow etc they build their system up. They are then already disconnected from B&O and never give it a second thought.

You could argue that B&O were never meant to “compete “ at that level but if awareness is not there anymore then how can it improve and introduce new people to the brand?

I have obviously diverted many from other brands to B&O and they have all been very pleased with the results but it took a bit of demoing!
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marexy replied on Thu, Jun 13 2019 7:32 AM

Sorry for my comment..but i can not confirm that that small difference of power make that great difference.

maybe just for info..

I did take TDA chip form CAR stereo with 2x 18W sinus power and compare with BL3 power amp...125W..

and you wold be suprise how small difference in outcome is.

My vacum tube 4x EL34  power amp with maybe 60W power is waaaaaaay more powerful than any ice power amp with same rated power.

so ..rated power is gray area and in some case just number on the specifications ..




Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks guys!

From what I can tell, the sound pressure level outputs of the Beolab 5 and 50 are very similar at maximum volume.  They are unlikely to be drawing their maximum wattages from the amplifiers at this point (this would possibly only happen if the speakers were fed pink noise at max level, which would be painful to hear!

Both speakers can give in excess of 110dB in a typical room for music, which is beyond what is comfortable for the average user to listen to.  hence, the slight drop in wattage is unlikely to be a problem in most cases.

Kind regards, Steve.


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Mikipidia replied on Thu, Jun 13 2019 8:20 AM
Aren’t the drivers also a lot more effiecient? Meaning you move more air with less power from the amps.

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Mr 10Percent
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I like to think it is not so much about a power rating - that is an engineering design/component element but rather the ease at which those engineering components play together?? Thus in my mind, for any measured room attenuation (or listening point), the components of each loudspeaker will behave differently and all will not be playing optimally at any one common volume?.

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