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Issue with TV and BL transmitter 1

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acorrado posted on Mon, May 27 2019 7:49 PM

Dear Forum,

you are my last chance to get this done.

i own a Sony TV Bravia XF90, BL18, BL19, BL4000, BS3200, BL essence MK2 and BL transmitter 1.


i successfully connected everything to the transmitter or essence, HOWEVER, the TV is connected to the transmitter via optical cable and sounds perfectly. The problem is that my TV keeps the BL18/transmitter always ON because of some background activities.

SONY technical service confirmed that there is no way this can be avoided. How can I connect the TV to the transmitter and turning speakers ON and OFF accordingly with the TV?

would be the Optical to RCA converter helps me?


please advise before I sell part of my equipment resulting in a big loss.


thanks in advance


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