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Beocenter 2300 erpom failure - bin file wanted

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tsirvoul posted on Fri, May 24 2019 7:44 AM

Hi there

My name is Petros and i live in Greece.

I am a professional techisian and i have a Beocenter 2300.

Yesterday i find out that the system is dead, and the only thing thah works is the light and the power led!!!

I tested all the voltages on the power sypply and is all ok.

Then i notice that the shielded  pcb with the eprom and ram is very hot! I remove the shield and i discovered that the 27C512 IC3 ROM chip is extremely hot. I remove it form it base, and when the is cool down i read the data with my programmer and i find tha the ghip is empty !!!!!!!!

Does any of you find this failure again ? and the most important, haw enyone the bin file for this chip, in order to repair my beloved B & O ?

Thank you in advance for any help

Petros Tsirvoulis

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