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Dirigent 609 K Clarification needed. Expert knowledge properly required.

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BEOVOX141 posted on Thu, May 23 2019 5:08 PM


I have absolutely fallen in love with the design of this masterpiece, as old as the Apollo program.

And something made me really curious. Is this in reality the very first Beosystem? Unsure

This little gem is packed with tech stuff like the AFC switching and the option for a spring based Echo system,- wouw! I guess you guys know it by heart.

There is a description of a very elaborate speaker system, front, sides and a 5 pin DIN connection carrying speaker signals to what has to be a TV. Looking at the schematic, there is even a power switch for the TV.

Does anyone know exactly how this elaborate setup actually works, and was it designed towards a specific TV model ? How about the different DIN speaker connectors on the connection panel, I vaguely remember some additional functionality on the three pin version from my youth...?

Please share if you know Smile


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