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Phono Amplifier for B&O Turntables

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Andrew posted on Thu, May 16 2019 10:01 AM

Hi - I thought I would share this with fellow beoworlders - I have a Beogram 4002 with a 20CL cartridge from Audio Origins. I did have it hooked upto a BM4400 and then a valve preamp. I've swapped my system round now so I have the turntable linked to the main system and just wanted to be able to press A.Mem and hear my vinyl all over the house - so I upgraded the valve yaqin phono preamp to the Arcam rPhono and an adapter lead from Steve at Sounds Heavenly. The Arcam has several dipswitches which means you can match the cartridge to the preamp. With B&O cartridges I think it's probably important as the output is low - maybe the boost in volume accounts for its perceived better performance, but all my records sound better and I can hear tiny details which I couldn't before. The valve preamp is very good but can sound wooly with bass - despite tube rolling. The Arcam is a massive upgrade in terms of showing just how good the BG4002 is with the 20CL in it. The BM4400 is also very good with it but was a messy solution as I was basically just using it as a phono preamp and the din output was quite low. I also have a Linn LP12 with a sure cartrdige but the Beogram is much easier to setup and is also automatic so no rushing back to the turntable at the end of the record and I just prefer the Beogram. Comparing the two with Arcam I have to say that the Beogram does sound better but then the cartridge is that much better. Switching in the rumble filter doesn't really do much as both have hardly any rumble anyway, but a useful feature to have.

Anyway, if anyone is thinking of getting a preamp for a B&O turntable I can recommend the Arcam at £300 - I think it was £400 but some retailers are now selling it at £300.

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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks Andrew,

That is really helpful.  Glad to hear that the lead is working well.

Kind regards, Steve.


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