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Beomaster 2400 repair help

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Ottar posted on Fri, May 10 2019 6:22 PM


I spent most of the weekend replacing caps on the Beomaster 2400. I used Martin's kit, and have previously replaced the bulbs. I took the whole thing apart and the cap replacement seemed like a success, with music flowing from speakers upon testing. After assembly however, it is dead. No red standby light, no nothing.

I started diagnosing it using the approach in this thread:

Here are the values i pulled:

C92: 24,5V

TR27 voltage:
Base: 24
Connector: 0
Emitter: 23,4

Resistance testing TR27 C to ground: 0.06

Resistance testing TR31:
CE: 16,9
GE: 0,6
GC: 18

A new problem arised as i shorted the base and connector on TR27 causing a spark. The fuses are still intact though. No voltage across C92

So my question is: Is this repairable? Should I order new transistor(s). Maybe the 5000 caps aswell? New C92?

Any input or help is greatly appreciated.

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