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Beomaster 2400 repair help

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Ottar posted on Fri, May 10 2019 6:22 PM


I spent most of the weekend replacing caps on the Beomaster 2400. I used Martin's kit, and have previously replaced the bulbs. I took the whole thing apart and the cap replacement seemed like a success, with music flowing from speakers upon testing. After assembly however, it is dead. No red standby light, no nothing.

I started diagnosing it using the approach in this thread:

Here are the values i pulled:

C92: 24,5V

TR27 voltage:
Base: 24
Connector: 0
Emitter: 23,4

Resistance testing TR27 C to ground: 0.06

Resistance testing TR31:
CE: 16,9
GE: 0,6
GC: 18

A new problem arised as i shorted the base and connector on TR27 causing a spark. The fuses are still intact though. No voltage across C92

So my question is: Is this repairable? Should I order new transistor(s). Maybe the 5000 caps aswell? New C92?

Any input or help is greatly appreciated.

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Ottar replied on Sat, Jun 1 2019 12:19 PM

Anyone able to help?

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Are you confident that you have installed all the new cap's in the correct polarity,and that no solder blobs and whatnot could be shorting somewhere?

TR27 etc provides the stand-by supply voltage and nothing will work if this supply (15.7) is missing.

If you have a short between the collector of TR27 and chassis,as you suggest,this is enough to explain why the supply is missing.You will need to investigate where the short is.

If you now have no supply at C92 either since you shorted that,it would suggest that either F1 fuse on that pcb,or F1 and F2 are o/c on the relay pcb,the small pcb near the mains transformer.

See if you can restore the supply to C92 before changing anything else?

Whereabouts are you?


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