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Beolab 5 set up

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gvb88 posted on Sat, Apr 6 2019 10:22 PM


I'm new to the forum, but just got a pair o BL5s and would like some advice on the perfect set up.

I'll be using the BL5 as HT fronts,  i believe i won't need a sub but should i include surround speakers? (they would need to be in-ceiling, any recommendation on specific speakers?)

I would like to use them connected to an av receiver so i can use different sources like CD/Vinyl player, apple tv, smart tv, PS4. Do i need to buy any specific equipment or should i connect directly to the receiver? Any recommendation on  4k receiver and other required equipments?

thanks for the help!!

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I have little experience on using the BL5's outside the B&O ecosystem i.e. with Beovision and Beomaster

Search the web / B&O Website for the BL5 manual.

The BL5 can be connected to a 3rd party receiver via SPDIF. A Beo4 remote and connecting tether (to make both BL5s synchronous) will probably be required. The BL5s will need to be configured with the Beo4 remote to the L.Opt setting (????)

You will not need a Sub for music or HT

You will need to calibrate the BL5 to your room conditions.

Happy playing. Great loudspeakers

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oli replied on Mon, Apr 8 2019 2:53 PM

BL5 can be integrated in a lot of ways with Non B&O hardware. More than that you can have them connected to different sources at the same time, like Powerlink to a Beovision and to an external streamer, room correcter, or whatever with SPDIF. You can also use the Line IN to get third party analog device to connect to it, which I don't recommend because the Lab5 will do a A/N conversion before N/A it in the internal DAC. That's a pity.



The old internal DAC is still excellent, even in 2019. It is limited to take signals at maximum 24/96, but who needs more ?



Regarding your question especially: No, you definitely don't need a sub. Regarding the ceiling speakers, there is the Celestial in the B&O portofolio ( ), which are passive speakers. You can also use any other speaker brand, but the thing is to get all the stuff synced with a specific hardware. B&O is not providing this AFAIK, even with a Beosystem 4, but maybe I am wrong being not expert of the capabilities that a Beosystem 4 has. Otherwise you will have to look after a PreAmp/Amp with such capabilities to feed the Beolab 5 with a SPDIF signal, and some passive speakers.



I have a room correcter Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 which has such capabilities, and you can adjust almost everything in user friendly way and in addition it has bi-amplification capabilities (initially with their Lyngdorf Power Amp to add, but in case of active speakers like Beolab5 I am pretty sure you can get rid of it). It's a danish brand, and the user experience with menus and calibration simplicity reminds me the B&O spirit. Some other non B&O amps can do that too of course, maybe your AV receiver has already this capability.

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