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BeoSound 4 with BeoLab 3500 - Remote wont work

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Rasmus posted on Sat, Mar 10 2012 12:35 PM


I used to have a beovision 8 that was connected through beolink cables to a BeoSound 4 and a BeoLab 3500 and this worked great.


Now I only have a beosound 4 and a Beolab 3500. I have just installed these in the kitchen and directly linked them with one beolink cable. I do not have any speakers besides the beolab 3500. 


For some reason my Beo 4 remote wont controll the setup. I have changed the beolab 3500 option to 4 and the display shows it. I have changed the beosound 4 to option 0 and the desplay reacts. But the only this the remote can do is shut it all off if I hold down the off button for a sec. Everything else is not controllable.

If I turn on the beolab 3500 manually on the mute button it starts up playing whatever the beosound 4 is playing at that moment but from there changing to radio or cd on the beosound 4 have no effect on the beolab 3500 ..


Strange I think ..... Any ideas?



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stefan replied on Sat, Mar 10 2012 1:20 PM

Try pressing LINK - CD or LINK - RADIO. If you set your BL3500 to L.OPT 4 you have to press LINK - source.

Otherwise set the BL3500 to L.OPT 1. Now it should work with CD and RADIO commands.

Hope this helps.


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BeoSound 4 should be A.Opt 1, BeoLab 3500 should be L.Opt 5. That will sort it! Options 0 and 4 mean no IR input.
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Actually if they are in the same room which I have just realised they prob are, then BeoSound 4 should indeed be in A.Opt 0.

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