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B&O Converters???

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striker27 posted on Wed, Mar 27 2019 10:54 PM

What are they used for especially the 1612 and the 1638?   I would love to get music from my computer to my Masterlink setup.    What one would be best??


i have a  Beosound Overature Beolab 3500 Beolab 2000. And a few passive units.     As well as a Beosound 2300 that is not in the system. 


Thanks guys.   Just looking for some thoughts!!!

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L Spad
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Suggested by L Spad

Hi there,

plots of older posts on this topic so have a browse but a short summary here:

According to Vienna in this post;

  • The 1613 was an EU version introduced 1995 and predecessor to the 1611 below
  • The 1611 was an EU version introduced 1997 and replaced the 1613
  • The 1614 was a US version introduced 1995 and predecessor to the 1612 below
  • The 1612 was a US version introduced 1997
  • The 1610 was a special Audio kit for the AV 9000 MKII (without Power Link?)
  • The 1615 was a special version without Power Link as well (can be used to connect televisions as stated by XXXX in this post)

...and this is well in line with the info in the Master Link and Beolink handbooks;

  • Part no. 1161366 is an EU BeoLink Converter
  • Part no. 1161166 is an EU BeoLink Converter
  • Part no. 1161466 is a US/CDN BeoLink Converter
    (which cannot be used as an ML driver)
  • Part no. 1161266 is a US/CDN BeoLink Converter
  • Part no. 1161566 is a Beolink Video.

The 1611 can act as an audio master whereas the earlier 1614 cannot.

The easiest solution may be a 3.5mm mini jack to cable, which you could connect either directly to a computer, or to a Bluetooth audio reciever. I personally use an apple airport express for AirPlay. Of course you won't be able to control transport with your remote in this setup, but it works and is stable.

In a compatible system you might consider a Beoport, but I'm not sure your overture is compatible.


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Guy replied on Thu, Mar 28 2019 10:29 AM

Luke Spadavecchia :

In a compatible system you might consider a Beoport, but I'm not sure your overture is compatible.

No, it's not compatible - have a look here:

The oldest N.MUSIC compatible system is the BS3000.

You could use a Beoport/PC2 as an audiomaster to supply a Masterlink system, but you would not be able to add either the Overture or the BC2300 to the 'network'.

I would keep it simple as suggested by Luke and use either airport express (as I do) or a direct connection.

(A useful summary of converters from Luke, but I do not think that the 1614 was a US/CDN version.  It is simply the older version of the 1611.  The 1613 was the US/CDN version of the 1614)

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