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Looking for the plug / schematic for BeoLab 6000 Line-In cable

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rmigneron posted on Tue, Nov 27 2012 4:44 PM



I need to connect a pair of BeoLab 6000 to a standard amplifier via the Line-In.  What plug should I buy to make the cables .  On the amp side, it's a standard Red and Black holes where you put in the bare cable.


I've tried the RCA plugs from an AUX cable, it doesn't seem to fit in, the outside seems to big !!


Anybody has an image of the Plug necessary or the exact specification ?


I guess I should connect the Red to the inner pin and the black for the outside shell, right ?





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Sounds like you are trying to connect the Beolabs to the amplified speaker outputs - don't do that! You might damage the Beolabs, it will be hopelessly too loud and probably sounds awful.

You will either need to use special attenuated cables; or feed the Beolabs from a line level output on the amp. Unless your amp has preamplifier outputs that are volume controlled, that will be difficult as well.

The line connectors on the Beolabs are quite normal RCA jacks. It is possible that the plugs you are trying to use are simply physically too big.

Sounds Heavenly (see the banner on the bottom of this page) should be able to supply you with good quality attenuated cables, so you can safely connect the Beolabs to the speaker outputs of the amp.


Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Mika,

Thanks for the recommendation.  You are correct that Beolab speakers must not be directly connected to the red and black amplified speaker terminals on a power amp - this could cause expensive damage to the speakers and it could possibly also be a fire risk...... Crying

Basically, If the amplifier or receiver has pre-out sockets (these MUST be variable, volume-controlled outputs, NOT Tape or Line outputs), then you can connect a pair of Beolab 6000 speakers to these sockets using a pair of RCA line cables.

However, if your receiver doesn't have pre-out sockets fitted, you can still connect the speakers by one of the two methods below:-

1) Connect two speakers to the headphone socket of the receiver with a minijack to RCA line cable, or 

2) Connect two speakers to the red and black speaker terminals on the back of the receiver using a special Attenuated Converter to safely reduce the signals to the correct level ( and then use RCA line cables to connect the speakers to the output sockets of the Converter.

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to ask prior to making any connections!

Kind regards, Steve.


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