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Is my stylus worn...? or do I need to adjust my anti-skate?

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ncklln posted on Sun, Mar 17 2019 5:30 PM


Apologies if anyone sees this twice, I asked the question on the bottom of another thread, but then thought maybe a fresh post would be the way to do it.

Records sound a little distorted on my Beocenter 5000. I have been told it may be the anti-skate - is there a way of setting the mechanism correctly, if I don't have the B&O test record (or an oscilloscope)?

Also, I have looked at many stylus pictures on the net trying to work out if mine is worn or not, but just can't tell. Any experts out there who can tell from these pics if it needs re-tipping? It's an MMC20E

Pointed my phone into an old microscope to take these so they're not perfect!

thanks in advance for any help - Nick

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