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Beogram 3000 (59xx)?

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BeoFrederic posted on Fri, Mar 15 2019 4:36 AM

I was out of the B&O market for many years (decades, actually), so my product knowledge can be pretty thin, alas.  That said, I've been searching the used market for a Beogram 9500 to mate with my BC 9500 & Beo4.  But no joy.  I guess that few were sold in the U.S.

I've now seen a local ad for a Beogram 3000, allegedly in pretty good shape (some scratches to the aluminum), including MMC4.  From what I can see in photos, it's a close cosmetic cousin to the BG 9500...? 

What are your opinions of the BG 3000?  Would you buy one, or hold out for (much more expensive) BG 9500?

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My opinion:


technically, almost all of the 59xx series are of the same design, with small differences, like

Power connector (e.g. for GB, AU, USA or EU),

power supply (e.g. 110V, 120V, 220V),

system (MMC 1 - 5) and audio connector (RCA, or DIN)

Some Beograms have an internal RIAA preamp.

So, the Beogram of the series 59xx differ roughly only by their external design, and here it is a matter of taste!

Sometimes, however, the Beomaster or the Beocenter also dictates a design.


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