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Beoplay A6, A9 drop off airplay / chromecast / B&O app

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eortho posted on Wed, Feb 20 2019 6:46 AM

My Beoplay A6 and A9 would boot up and connect to the WiFi.  I can usually chromecast or airplay to it if I do it within the first minute or so.

If I wait for a few more minutes, the A6 and A9 would both drop off the list of available airplay / chromecast and it cannot be found in the B&O app.  Sometimes it would stay on the B&O app.

I can start streaming from Tunein on the speaker itself.  Therefore, the connection is good.

But it often drops off the airplay and chromcast list.  Both have the latest firmwares.

I also have a Beosound 1 on the same network.  And it works fine.


I've tried factory resetting and setting up the speakers again.  But it has the same problems.





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