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Help needed - pairing a sky Q remote to a beovision 8....

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Cue posted on Sat, Feb 16 2019 12:27 PM

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help.

My beo4 remote's blown a semi conductor, while I'm getting it repaired (which I can't start until Monday), I've thought a short term solution could be to pair my spare sky q remote with the beovision 8 tv.

Any one know how to do this and what code is best for the beovision 8-26 version?

I will point out that the tv is a stand alone, only connected to gaming devices like a wii and playstation, so does not have a sky q box attached and doesn't have an ariel connected.


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Hi Cue,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to use to control the BeoVision 8. The Sky Q remote will only be able to be used with a Sky Q box and it seems you do not have one connected.

You'd need some sort of BeoRemote or Beo4 to control your BV 8; as there are no buttons on your TV to turn the product off or on.

For example, once your Beo4 is repaired you should be able to update your BV 8 with the PUC tables to control your Sky Q box - this would mean you'll need a PUC cable and most likely a visit from an engineer to upload the PUC tables onto your BV 8.


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