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Airplay-ing the Beosystem 10

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matador43 posted on Thu, Feb 14 2019 4:57 PM

Hi guys,

Because i needed a small potable audio system for a bathroom and bluetooth is not really my thing, I decided to Airplay enable my Beosystem 10. Of course this time the mod would not be as aesthetic or concealed than previous works but it share the same basic rule: cancelable without any trace.

So basically its just sticking an external airport express to the AUX in circuit.

First step is to protect the BS10 back with a piece of adhesive vinyl and fit to strip of double side mirror tape to the AE and stick one to the other.

Then you need two C7 angles plug and a C7 power cord from which you take the 10 last centimeters.

You need to drill two little holes on the female guard part, same side as the male part, just enough to pass the wires inside. Make the holes spaced enough to avoid any power shortage. Tuck the wires inside and roll them tight around the pins. Control the wire dont touch themselves. Close the plug with another angled adapter and plug the firmly one with the other. Check the cable by plugin it and if nothing happen then you're good. You can glue them together if you're not comfortable with this not so academical trick!

Now you need to do a little stereo jack to double RCA cable. For convenience I added angled RCA adapter.

Then plug it all together.

And plug it to the mains. Setup you AE and press AUX on the Beosystem 10. You're done!


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