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BM2000 fuses blow on amplifier board

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Aad Jansse
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Aad Jansse posted on Sat, Feb 9 2019 3:17 PM

Playing some tapes on my newly "belted"  BC1200 hooked up with the BM2000 the latter fell silent all of a sudden; after getting access to his"belly" I found 2 blown fuses, F102 and also F201 which one is depicted here. The other two fuses could have stand the current for the short moment that I had the power on.

 The question is, no surprise, what is the cause of the blowing and where to begin checking; it seems not so easy since I can not test with power on.


As in all my previous threads on this forum: help is much appreciated.


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W.Frankenberg / Gandalf
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Heilbronn / Germany
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can it be that the rectifier has a short circuit in the AC range? (~ ~), disconnect the orange wires and then measure the transformer output voltage.
the trafo gets hot ?

Is 220V on the primary side of the transformer?
If not try to set the input voltage to 240 volts and measure again.
Worst case: the transformer is gone


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