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Beolink Converter NL/ML not responding in ML

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messykid posted on Fri, Feb 8 2019 6:39 PM

Dear all,

I am a bit confused. I have had a very nice and working Setup:

ML-Network to all my Rooms with Beolab2000s/Beolink passives.

As a master I used the Beolink converter NL/ML with an attached Beosound Essence.

I was quite happy as it was working nicely for some time now.


Then this happened: I moved the Beolink converter to another room and suddenly it is not responding to ML commands anymore. (The converter is accessible through LAN Connection though)


I have tried the following to resolve the issue:

1. move it back to the original room

2. Checked all cabeling (ML and Network) (I used a few Junction boxes, so I checked for connectivity issues in them as well)

3. Disconnected all ML slaves from the mains, and checked one by one for response when putting them back on.

4. Reset to factory default (Beolink converter and essence)

5. Tried different programming of converter (A Master, AV Master, IR options, changed sources visible on ML and IR mapping)

6. I have tried the LINE-IN sensing

7. I have directly connected the Beolink Converter to a Beolab2000 with a new ML cable (prefabricated)

8. I have checked the System log and it shows me this:


Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Initializing sources visible on ML...
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Initialization of sources visible on ML done.
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Setting ML sound switch to OFF
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Initializing BeoRemote... with name BeoLink Converter NL/ML
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Terminating BeoRemote...
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:BeoRemote has been shut down
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:Creating BeoNetRemote for ML device with address 192
Feb  8 19:10:02 (none) BLC[1081]: [info]:BeoRemote initialized


and obviously more, but I don't know if this is relevant.


Still I have now response whatsoever with any commands coming from ML to Beolink converter.

I am completely out of ideas now and I hope someone could give me a hint what else I could try.Unsure


Thanks and best regards





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I got it to work again!


There was one thing I had not tested yet. I turned off the Masterlink Gateway (I had completely forgotten about that)  and the whole network started working again. It continues to work with mlgw turned back on.


I can't really say if this did the trick or it was me wiggeling the cables (maybe a faulty connection in a junction box) but I am happy everything is back to normal. Yes - thumbs up



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