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wanted Beocenter 2200 motor HELP !

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derekscoopers posted on Wed, Feb 6 2019 10:51 PM

Can anybody help

With your help I have now managed to strip out the covers on my Beocenter 2200 to gain access to the motor that is making a  noise, I had seen a few posts that these motors can be cleaned and lubricated but having looked at mine I cannot see that it can be taken apart to get inside,

So, there was one offered on ebay from Austria at fair money so I ordered it in case I needed it before I stripped down the unit, it was listed for the 2200 but is totally different to my motor, its bigger and different wires, so a waste of time and money, the seller refuses to take it back !!

So I am hoping somebody on here can help with advice or better still a good s/h motor

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