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Beogram 4002 - 45 rpm issues

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Dutus posted on Fri, Feb 1 2019 7:10 AM

I have recently added a 4002 (5514) with MMC4000 to my collection of vintage hi-fi (is there a cure for this affliction). Like the 8002 I got from the same seller on eBay, this one has some issues, and I am aware that there could be age-related problems just sitting there waiting to show up...

The first problem is tracking - the arms travel a good 3/4 inch into the record before stopping and the pick-up dropping. Same happens when you select a track other than the first one. Suspect that this could be cured by an adjustment, but grateful for any advice.

The other problem is to get 45 to work, you have to press 33 first. The 45 section of the speed adjustment scale also works when you do that, but the 33 section has so far failed to illuminate.

Many thanks for your thoughts and input.

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