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Just Bought an US Spec BeoCord 5000 (4716) will it work okay in Europe?

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Ryan posted on Sat, Jan 26 2019 4:41 PM

Hi All,

Before we begin I’m not concerned about the difference in voltage as this is easy to sort, just thought I should clear that up before anything 

I've just bought a stunning looking BeoCord 5000 model 4716. I bought it from a US auction on ebay as it was quite cheap and the only one available. It has been serviced etc and seems to be in decent shape as well.

However, on the listing photos I've just noticed that unlike the European models I've seen, it doesn't have a 110, 230 voltage selector on the back near the fuse. It just says 117 Volt, 60Hz, 25-50 W. No mention of 50Hz.

So Will this model work okay in Europe with just a stepdown transformer as I'm based in United Kingdom?

One of my biggest concerns is that the motor is going to operate too slowly, but since its originally a European device anyway I don't think it will be the case, but I'm not really sure on this

I genuinely didn't know there was a difference, but the Euro spec one appears to be multi-voltage and for both 50hz & 60 hz whereas the US domestic one appears to be 120 Volts and only mentions 60hz. 

I'm not too sure what motor it uses inside, there’s not too much information online. I think thats partly because B&O called one of their later 1980s cassette decks the Beocord 5000 as well, which is a completely different machine to the 1970s 4716 range. 

I do have a stepdown transformer, but I'm more concerned about the electrical Hz frequency than voltage, as Voltage is easily fixed with a stepdown transformer, frequency isn’t. 



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