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Digital tv and BV7?

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Calvin posted on Thu, Jan 24 2019 2:49 AM

I mentioned in another thread that I'm new to the US (and tv standards/systems) and picked up a BV7-40. Before I hang it I noticed that the cable hole in the wall is an HDMI cable that comes out near the floor. The tv hole also has an aerial cable but it heads down to the lower hole, I'm guessing that the previous owner ran the signal down to a digital converter which went back up to a TV that only accepted analogue signals?

I guess my question would be whether the BV7 has a converter to accept an incoming aerial (digital encoded?) signal signal in 2019 or what model year it would have to be from to do so? The cable comes out too low down to run up to the TV to test it and I don't want to unthread it, only to put it back if it doesn't work!


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