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Beolink wireless

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Erik-nl posted on Wed, Jan 23 2019 5:58 PM

Does anybody know if a beolink wireless system S/T can be used to connect masterlink from an audio and a videomaster - thus connecting them without cable ?

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Stan replied on Wed, Jan 23 2019 9:54 PM

Yes, if your talking about the Beolink Wireless1, its purpose was to create "wireless masterlink".  If you search hard (possibly in the archived forum), there was an inter-operability matrix posted once.  It showed which devices worked with which other devices via the wireless.  I believe by the time of the final software rev, most ML functionality was available to most devices.  I had my BV8, BS9000 and BS5 (wired) connected to a BeoLink Active via wireless.  When it worked, it was great.  However, it wasn't very reliable.  It would cut out for no reason and require frequent resets to make it work.  I eventually gave up and switched to a Beosound Essence (and just listened to Spotify in my link room).

I'm afraid to sell my old wireless equipment for fear of having to deal with a disappointed buyer.

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Erik-nl,

Yes, this should be possible but as Stan mentioned the reliability of the Beolink Wireless can be variable.  If you are able to run a direct Masterlink cable directly between the two products instead of going wireless, this will always give you the best results:-

Kind regards, Steve.


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