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Control AppleTV via PUC

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pjop posted on Sun, Jan 20 2019 2:06 PM


I just bought a preowned BeoVision 8-40 with PUC cables. I’m new to PUC. How does it work?

- Are the schemas for all versions AppleTV the same?

- Which version of beo4 do I have to have (is non-joystick ok)

- Which buttons do I use?

- There are only two alternatives in PUC list. How can I get more to chose from?


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Hiort replied on Sun, Jan 20 2019 4:52 PM


The main codes are the same between the different AppleTVs. Some of the later ATVs has commands that the older does not have. Only the B&O dealer can add more PUC codes to your TV.

Beo4 version does not matter.

I dont know exactly the buttons on the Beo4 and how they translate to AppleTV, but main buttons are the arrows up, down , right , left.

Select by pushing in the middle.

Make sure to put the IR-eye on the PUC cord in the middle of the AppleTV front, so it covers the IR receiver.






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