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RCA to PL (powerlink)

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BeoLignage posted on Wed, Jan 9 2019 7:17 PM


After reading several posts on here and searching other sources of information I still can´t get my head around this.

When wanting to run a beolab speaker in line mode via PL (BL12-3 (same as BL8002 i think)) does the signal ground really need to be jumped to the pin7 ("old" PL) or the shell of a RJ45?

looking at the picture below


is the jumper from 2 to 7 or the "blue" to the shell of the rj45 just to get any potential braiding/shield to be connected to ground for (well) shielding. or does it have an effect on the speaker?

I have the 8pin DIN to RJ45 from Bosscom which works fine from beomaster 3500 to BL12, and think i can just connect a converter, same type as used for aux in on the master directly to the Bosscom and to the 12´s. this will yield the same as the connection shown above except for the jumper.

in summary, is the jumper between 2 and 7 required by the speaker?

thanks in advance



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