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apple tv & Bv7-40 mkII

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bikersupermoto posted on Wed, Dec 26 2018 3:38 AM



hope everyone had a nice christmas holiday!.


whats the best way of connecting an apple tv to a BeoVision 7-40 mkII ( it has 3 scart sockets and the yellow, red. white phono/rca  sockets as a 4th input ).

+ how should i program my beo4 ( it has the dtv/dvd/cd buttons ) to activate that input when i want to tune into the apple tv?   

i have tried connecting the apple tv using a hdmi - rca lead to input 4, but i cant seem to tell the tv that i want to watch input 4! - iv read the manual over and over and cant for the life of me activate input4 and yes, i did configure input 4 in the tv menu as having extra equipment ( dvd2 ) plugged into it.

i then tried using an rca - scart connector and plugged this into av2  and programmed that into the menu and still nothing - so im not sure if the cable isnt wired up right ( is it even possible to convert hdmi to rca/scart ? ).  or is my bv 7 mkII just too old to do this?

many thanks for any help that can be given!

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Guy replied on Wed, Dec 26 2018 11:48 AM

If you are using a simple hdmi to SCART lead then the problem could be that hdmi is digital, whereas SCART is analogue.

Hence rather than just a 'lead' you need some sort of converter that will also do the Digital to Analogue conversion.  Like this:

I am not familiar with the BV7-Mk2, but if it has a DVI socket then there could be a better way of doing this.  If so, let me know and I'll make a better recommendation.

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