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Beocenter 9300 which Beogram?

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Starcaster posted on Wed, Dec 12 2018 7:21 PM

Dear fellow Beo experts,


I have a Beocenter 9300, I want to upgrade it with a matching beogram record player.

My question is, which beogram model does match this model? Or let me ask in another way, if I bought the Beocenter 9300 back in the mid 90’ies, which Beogram model(s) would I typically have bought together with it?


I have looked at beogram 9500, as it visually looks like a match, however when I search the forums it seems that the 9500 misses a riia amplifier. 

I like the beogram 9500 looks however I would like a plug and play solution to go with the 9300.


bonus info I have the Beolab penta mk3 speakers and the beovision 1tv (DVD version) in the setup with the beocenter 9300


appreciate your comments


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Answered (Verified) Peter replied on Wed, Dec 12 2018 7:47 PM
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You need to read this. However I would suggest a Beogram 4500 would be the best visual match and a Beogram 6000 quad as the best turntable with an RIAA. You can however use anything and get an external RIAA.


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