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BV8 Link, BLC, Option?

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Mogelmose posted on Tue, Dec 4 2018 7:19 PM


Setup is:
BS6500 with 1611
BLC with Samsung TV and Beolabs

Link rooms:
Various Beoplay Multiroom products


Everything works as it should. I can control my Turntable with app and distribute to all rooms. I can distribute TuneIn/Deezer to Mainroom through BLC.

I want to introduce my BV8 to the ML because i would like to use it as a linkroom speaker.
Furthermore i have a Beolab 3500 i would like to use also.

I can control the Beoplay products from the Bedroom on the BV8 with Beo4. But the sound is not distributed. If i choose a source on the BS the audio is on the BV8.

BS: Option 0
BLC: V.master Option 2
BV8: Option 6

How can i introduce the NL sources in my ML network? Do i have to reprogram the BLC to AV.Master?

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