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Poll: Has your Avant failed ?

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Aussie Michael
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Aussie Michael Posted: Fri, Nov 30 2018 10:03 PM
Just a quick poll to see if anyone else’s video engine in their gen 1 Avant has failed some how ?

My replacement video engine is being delayed so just wondering if there’s a backlog or there just are no parts.


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Michael replied on Sat, Dec 1 2018 8:30 PM
Mine is still working flawlessly. Did they try to reseat the cables? I still believe the issue is a loose LVDS cable.
David Coyne
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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Yes, mine had to be replaced after about 15 months.

I now have issues where if i have the avant and core (as audio master) and use multi room music cuts in and out on the avant and speakers directly connected. Appears a software fault on the Avant somewhere. Trying to get  a response from Denmark is near impossible.

I'm still waiting, a month later for a response in relation to the ongoing software problems I had with my Moment. I returned the moment after 18 months of issues for a refund. I posted a series of questions on:

This forum

B&O facebook page and sent it via messenger for good measure ( I can see it has been read)


I followed up asking if there was a reason to the lack of response and no response to that either.

I imagine I'm now on a list and perceived as difficult, when actually I've been terribly patient and loyal to brand. It really is a shame as the products are beautiful just ruined by constant software issues that render them unusable as a group of products. The number of products that have been returned in Sydney prior to the stores closing is astounding... all due to similar issues. I remain surprised the company is financially viable.




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failed twice

Best Regards Elmar

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