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Beogram 4500 and Beocenter 9500

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bmcgowan32 posted on Tue, Nov 27 2018 3:33 PM

Hi All!

Im looking for a record deck for my Beocenter 9500 and I've been searching for a Beogram 9500 for a while now.  In my search, I happened upon a Beogram 4500 for sale that is very nice, but I am unsure how it work with the Beocenter 9500.  I understand that they are similar decks, but the Beogram 4500 has the pre-amp built in and the Beogram 9500 doesn't?  Im not clear how I would connect the 4500 to the Beocenter...

I would like to have the datalink functions and if I am understanding the differences, the Beogram 4500 would have to be connected to the 9500's AUX port since it has the pre-amp built in?  Which means this would not allow me to access datalink functions between the Beogram and the Beocenter?  Or could I disable the 4500's internal pre-amp?

Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.



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Guy replied on Tue, Nov 27 2018 4:04 PM

I posted a while back about using my BC9500's phono connection as an additional AUX input - which would support your requirement - here is the thread:

The 'anti-RIAA' device that I linked to is no longer listed, but you could always put something like this in the signal path to cancel out the second RIAA:

But to be honest you would be mucking around with the signal two more times than you need to, which would not be good for sound quality!

I suspect that the easiest option would be to modify the RIAA stage inside the BG4500 - i.e disable it.  If you do so, make sure that the operation is reversible.  There is some further discussion of BG4500 RIAA stage if you search the forum.

(Edited to correct second hyperlink)

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