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H9i hissing - high frequency sound

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neph04 No - thumbs down [N] posted on Mon, Nov 19 2018 8:41 AM


I am curious if anyone has experienced the same issue. If I turn on the headphones, the right earcup starts emitting high-frequency noise. The noise appears repeatedly for 5 secs with 1 sec pause.

Does not matter if the headphones is paired or not. Neither ANC is on or off. And the same for the proximity sensor. I have tried with more BT devices, the same result. 

I have tested two headphones h9i. Both had a similar problem. (FW 5.0.3 and 5.0.4)

The only solution to remove hiss is:


  1. turn off bluetooth on the phone
  2. turn on headphones (noise is still there)
  3. turn on bluetooth on the phone
  4. after headphones are connected to the phone, the noise disappears.



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just  unboxed my pair of H9i and I noticed the same issue. It is exactly as you describe and not only audible for me but to other family members as well (of course only when they wear the headphones).

Since this is the first experience when trying a brand new gear that is sold with the "superior sound quality" tag, this definitly leaves a negative taste.

But as you I have not heard the sound yet after the bluetooth connection is established. So I think I will live with it. Since you have experienced it with different pairs, I think it is of no use to have them replaced.

In the meantime, did you (or anyone) come across a pair of H9i that does not have this issue?


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Dear all

Made exactly the same experience with an already 3 months old H9i. Does B&O offer a process to report this issue?

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