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beomaster 3000-2 switch question

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will runk
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will runk posted on Sat, Nov 10 2018 7:24 PM

greetings again!

i fabricated my own din connections to be able to listen to my beomaster 3000-2 and beomaster 2400.   i've only been able to listen to them using headphones until now and came across three switches that won't click on.  of course, two of them are the speakers and the other is the low filter.   they move freely but don't click down.    are these fixable with deoxit/electronics cleaner or will they have to be replaced?   other than that everything appears to work except for the fact that the balance seems to favor the right side more that the left.   is that something deoxit/electronics cleaner will take care of as well or is it a sign of further doom??

on the plus side, short of the three led's for bass/treble/balance the 2400 seems to be functioning properly!


thanks as always for the input!



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Dillen replied on Sat, Nov 10 2018 7:50 PM


Beomaster 2400 - they are not LEDs but real lamps.
I can supply a lamp kit containing the correct parts. Email or PM me.

Beomaster 3000-2 - this is worse.
It's small tabs broken off the moving parts inside the switches causing the switches to not latch down.
The parts can be replaced (I can supply them) but it's not a job for the faint-hearted.


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It's worth checking that the switch unit is correctly aligned too.It's secured to the chassis by small screw's that are at the left and right side's of the switch,and also midway,accessed through the switch pcb.

Loosen(don't remove) these screw's and try to move the switch assembly forwards towards the aluminium extrusion.The latches may well work again.Tighten the screw's when you are sure that all the switches are latching ok.


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