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The magic B&O APP screenshot for ML/NL?

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danielshen posted on Tue, Oct 30 2018 2:25 AM

Dear all,

I have the beosound 9000 as main room and Beolink active connecting beolab 3 as link room; I want to add the NL/ML converter to make the whole enviornment NetworkLink ready; 

But I really want to see the screenshot of B&O APP with the beosound 9000 and Beolink active (beolab3) or similar old products (maybe beosound 3000) in the APP - I think this is very magic! I trust we can almost control everything to the beosound 9000 and the beolink active.Can anybody share such screenshot for me?

After I have such impression, I think I will buy the NL/ML converter. Thanks!



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Soren replied on Tue, Oct 30 2018 2:36 PM



That is the way it works.

At least untill the app-makers maybe at some point decide for the possibility of placing your own/other pictures there.


It would be really nice if they added the possibility to add your own pictures in the app, but that won’t change the fact that you still only see one item.

It is correct that if you add multiple converters you would have access to more Masterlink products, but it’s still only the Audio and Video masters, It’s not possible to turn on Link room products like BL2000/3500 and Beolink active on with the app.

Some of the older products also don’t have fully functionality........ on my Beosystem 7000 I can turn it on and off and change source and channel, but it is not possible to adjust the volume with the app, I don’t know if it is possible on BS9000.. it probably is due to the Masterlink connector.


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Thanks @Carolpa !

Those screen shots were very interesting.

Do you have a wiring / room / kit diagram to share ?

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