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Beolab 90 - interested in purchase, questions and any owners here?

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joey_v posted on Fri, Oct 26 2018 3:10 PM

I am interested in the Beolab 90 speaker system, would have to sell off my current audiophile set up and buy the 2 speakers plus keep my current digital source. 


Question - are there any owners here who can share their experience with the 90?  


Can you bypass the DAC internal to the 90 and use a more resolving DAC or digital source?  Meaning, can the 90 play an analog signal (perhaps coming from an analog out of a SACD player or a phonopreamp)?


How good are they as stereo speakers?  




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Hi Joey thought I'd share my setup and experience with the BL90s. I'm very happy with the SQ. Did you get them in the end?

I have a few sources connected to it:

USB- Innuos SE server. This setup is a breeze, I am able to use Roon + Qobuz/Tidal on the Innuos. I can rip my own CDs easily and play my library from Roon. Most of the time I use this setup. I bought the Innuos Zennith Special Edition last year and highly recommend anyone who has the BL50s or BL90s to take a look at Innuos's USB servers. SQ is phenomenal and ease of use is a big plus. Originally I had considered getting the Aurender N10 but realized the advantage of Roon and ripping would make things much easier and I'm very happy I went the the SE instead. Innuos has a newer higher end version called the Statement that just came out, SQ is even better, spacier.  Also I can play DSD material via Roon + SE, the SE will convert DSD to LPCM prior to sending to the BL90s. 

XLR - Oppo 205. I use this for the occasional SACD as some DSD material is only available in disc format still.

Optical - Beosound Core. This is mainly for casual streaming of Spoitfy. The SQ is still quite good and I find Spotify's native app a much better way to discover music even over Qobuz/Tidal+Roon. Also this is a bit cheeky (yet I find cool) but I have a google home connected to the Core so I can simply voice command "hey google play jazz in the living room" and boom I have instant music coming from the BL90s.  

Powerlink - BS3. I use this for surround processing for an ultra short throw projector setup and also a BS9000. SQ is better if I rip the CD to my Innuos server and play from the SSD via USB but the BS9000 is a classic to keep.

I also have the IR eye for the BL90s + beoremote  so I don't always need to go into the app to adjust volume. Very happy with the SQ especially after room calibration was done. 

I have been having some trouble with the BL90s where it keeps needing to be powercycled to properly function and B&O is looking into that. 

Would love to hear your experience if you decided to get them


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