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New line of audio products from Jacob Jensen Design + JAMO

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Jon Posted: Fri, Sep 28 2018 11:44 AM
This isn’t strictly B&O, but it looks interesting regardless so thought I’d share:

Really interested to see what designs they come up with, and whether there would be any hints of Jacob Jensen + B&O heritage in the end results.
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trackbeo replied on Fri, Sep 28 2018 2:18 PM

I'm not usually a poison pen, but you heard it here first: Beware of the resulting products' manufacture!  (a) The Jacob Jensen "house" electronic products had a crummy contract manufacturer, and they didn't seem to notice: The buttons on the weatherstation were creaky, the printing on their clock & timer products wore off fast, and the radio transmitters built into their remote sensors lasted only about 2 years and ate batteries the while.  (b) Although Jamo is under the Klipsch umbrella, which in the past was generally good quality, they are both owned by Audiovox, which historically has made cheap stuffe.  Jamo hasn't actually been a "Danish" speaker "builder" for a while.

On the one hand, check out the Jamo DS6 product: , which is cute & "designy", if slightly ungainly.  Sure, it's kinda cheap, but that's because it's inexpensive.  On the other hand, recall the sleek but incomprehensible UI of the Gaggenau ovens & microwave of the 1990s, a Timothy Jacob Jensen "masterpiece"?!?  Come to think of it, the spindly black printing on Gaggenau control panels wore off quickly, too... making it even harder for the uninitiated to puzzle out!

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Reminds me of the Jacob Jensen Design Loudspeaker for Dantax.

These were really poor speakers, weren't they?

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