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Using two Beo Passive amps.

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BEO3200Alex posted on Mon, Sep 24 2018 3:44 PM


I have recently been given some BeoVox 3700 speakers and a Passive amp as well as a BeoSound 3200. 

The bass drivers in the speakers had perished and so i set about replacing them and the best replacements i could find were Celestion drivers rated at 100W (8Ohms, 8"). The original drivers were rated at 50w and sounded great, but i couldn't find anything rated much lower than 100w that seemed any good. Now, the tweeters and old bass driver weren't the originals, so I'm not able to go through B&O. 

Now the drivers have been replaced, they are not as punchy as before (understandably). I have also purchased another passive amp. My questions are as follows:

- What is the rated output of the Passive amp as I have seen various answers on various forums?

- As the amps only have a Powerlink going into them, i am unable to separate the L and R signals and so I would be unable to bridge each amps without ruining the stereo imaging. However, If i took the L signal from both amps and combined it down one cable and into the speaker, would this work or would it overload the amps? Would this be okay regarding impedance? (Method A on the diagram and more convenient)

- If i changed the wiring inside the speakers so in effect i was able to Bi-Amp it, i could use one amplifier to drive the L+R bass drivers and the other amp to drive the L+R tweeters. This wouldn't overload the amp, and would keep the impedance the same, however, would be more difficult and require more work inside the speaker. (Method B on the diagram).

I appreciate it would be cheaper and easier for me to replace this with newer kit, however, it belonged to a family member who i was close too and so I really do not want to get rid of it. 



Please let me know if you have any more questions and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi A,

Welcome to Beoworld!  I can build you a custom Powerlink cable to give you left channel sound to both amplifier channels in the first Passive amp and right channel sound to both amplifier channels in the second Passive amp.  This minimises crosstalk within the amps by "bi-amping" them, so it should ensure the best sound.

Please feel free to get in touch using my sponsor link at the foot of the page if this is of interest.

Kind regards, Steve.


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Dillen replied on Tue, Sep 25 2018 6:31 AM

Refoam the original woofers and throw those replacements with wrong T/S parameters away.


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