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Sound quality for new and pre-owned Beolab 5

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danielshen posted on Thu, Sep 20 2018 8:36 AM

Dear all,

I just have a interesting question to ask; Let' s say we have 3 speakers:

- A: brand new

- B: 3 years normal use

- C: 6 years normal use Beolab5 speakers; 

Are all speakers still maintaining the same sound quality? Or A - the brand new one is best sound quality?

Thanks for your input!




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I own a 6 year old pair of Beolab 5's and although i don't have experience listening to a new pair mine sound fantastic.

They are brilliant in every way.

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You can’t buy new as they are discontinued but you may be able to buy nearly new. If your question is theoretical then it still makes no difference in my opinion. I used to have a pair for many years and on a hand full of occasions heard the BL5 being demoed in several stores and the units the dealer had were fairly fresh from the factory. No discernible difference at all. I’d go for the 6 year unit and save a pile of cash which you could spend on music or going to concerts. Whether new or old they will sound amazing. 

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I had my BL5s for approx 13years before moving on to the next adventure.

if I was buying used from a Dealer - say a 6 year old model, I’d have them replace the upper tweeters. 

My experience suggests they are good fit 12 years or so. 

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Maybe you should avoid the very first BL5’s - and get the ones you buy sw-updated.


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Mike replied on Fri, Sep 21 2018 9:17 AM

mine got 10 this year. can't figure out any issue. they still Sound great!

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koning replied on Fri, Sep 21 2018 10:03 AM

Mine from the beginning 2003,no troubles at all

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