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Problems with replicating iTunes cover art to Beosound5

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JesperM posted on Wed, Sep 5 2018 7:38 PM

I just bought a used Beosound 5 – nice toy. Everything works fine with internet connection and radio. I can also play iTunes music from my iPhone with airport express using a UAC222 module. It also works with replicating my iTunes music from and old windows PC through the internet connection. I made all this works thanks to your bloggers.

Only problem left is the transfer of the iTunes cover art to the Beosound5. I have approximately 3000 files and 500 albums, all with cover art in iTunes. Only a few of the cover arts has been transferred and some of them are different that the cover art on iTunes. So mostly I’m looking at the gray logo when playing n-music. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

BR Jesper, Denmark

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