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Horizon restarts

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Langendorf posted on Mon, Aug 27 2018 3:22 PM


Having a Horizon 32" (from late 2016) with a boxer (danish? provider) decoder card in a CI+.

Yesterday I had the "pleasure" of 6 reboots within 1 hour (Screen show Bang & Olufsen and then Android). I found that it was on one coded TV channel only. It would show the program fine for 1-2 minutes. Then a pop-up would say "applicaton watch TV has stopped", continue to show the program for 10-20 seconnds and then black-screen -> restart.

My questions are:

- Should I attack B&O support or Boxer support? Any logs showing what/where the problem is?

- I checked the software update and it is just a few weeks old. Is there a way to check if the Android part should be updated too? Maybe it is all bundled together.

- Cutting the power for 5 minutes helped. Is there a way to fully reboot without cutting the power?

Best regards


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A 32" Horizon? The 40 is the smallest here.

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Pat replied on Mon, Aug 27 2018 10:52 PM
Yes, you should attack B&O asking them WT... ?
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beoaus replied on Tue, Aug 28 2018 1:20 PM


32 or 40 Inch?. This process is different for a V1 if that is the TV you are referring to?

For the Horizon.

Try disconnecting all devices from the Horizon and power off then disconnect power. Wait 30 mins and power back on. Run the TV for a while, maybe using youtube to see if its stable. Then update the TV and the Android apps including the Casting element.

See how you go from there.

Should this process fail you may need to complete a reset before updating the TV again.

Hope this helps.




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