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H9i drains iPhone X battery

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ilya865 posted on Fri, Aug 10 2018 8:48 AM

Hi all,

I recently bought a pair of H9i and really got amazed from the sound and build quality.

However, I noticed that while using them over Bluetooth they are draining my iPhone X's battery pretty quickly (about 20% in 1 and a half hour of music).

While my phone is connected to the cars multimedia system with bluetooth I don't see any extra-ordinary battery drainage.

Anyone experiences the same issue or has some tips?

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davidr replied on Fri, Aug 10 2018 6:58 PM

I have an iphone x and H8.

Personally I don't notice any difference in battery when using BT or simply nothing. But I do feel the battery on the X is much worse than the 6 I had prior.

What does use lots of battery (at least for me) is when the screen is on, more screen on usage, more drain. For me if I really use screen time, I get about 1 day max. Lots of screen standby, about two days.

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I have to ask if the OP is running the ios12 beta. My SE drains like my sister on a Saturday night.
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I’m still on 11.4.1.


Actually today I noticed that while using Waze for 1 and a half hour (screen was on) it consumed 40 percent of my battery, so probably it’s not related to the H9i. Not sure what happened but this started only recently ;(

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