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Posting Guidelines

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Peter Posted: Sat, Nov 10 2012 3:33 PM | Locked

These guidelines are from the archived forum and were written by Chris - I have merely transferred them here!

These are a couple of guidelines as laid down by the moderating team in an effort to make your visit to this section of the Beoworld forum a more rewarding experience.

1. - Item Location

Would members please include the location when offering an item for sale.

Nothing too specific is required as it isn't prudent to post the exact address of a potentially valuable piece of equipment on a free website! 

Simply the country & area will suffice as this will help potential buyers who may live in a country where voltages differ and where huge shipping distances are involved. Information such as this will always help both seller and buyer when offering an item for saleSmile

2. Selling guidelines, links & dealers.

This section of the forum is intended as an area for Beoworld members to sell & trade their own personal equipment and not as a free market place for dealers. However if no one replies within a reasonable time then stating the item has now been listed on ebay would be considered acceptable behaviour (but is still allowed only at the discretion of the moderating team). Most regular users of Beoworld are aware of what is/isn't considered allowable but any member of the moderating team can be contacted if you have any doubts and will be more than happy to offer help & advice.

However sellers & dealers simply posting links to items listed on ebay or other internet sales sites will not be allowed and deleted. This also applies to anyone offering any services without prior consent from the moderating team.


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