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Beocenter 9300 - remote control problem

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Jan_Jacobsen posted on Thu, Jun 28 2018 12:08 AM

Bought a Beocenter 9300 with defektive CD drive - I thought...

But, there was other problems too - the remote control did not work.

Not the Audio 0 problem - but a defektive IR module.

After looking into other posts regarding IR problems, I figured what was the problem.

Change the capasitor C9 - 22uF, and it works again.
Hope this can be a help to others with the same problem.

PS.: There is another post regarding IR problems on LC2.

Its the same problem :)

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RaMaBo replied on Thu, Jun 28 2018 11:41 AM



this is a typical problem with the SMD capacitor used with the IC.

I had the same problem with the IR receiver in a BeoLab 3500, which after exchanging the capacitor  was able to react on IR remote.



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