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Beovox M150 What Needs Servicing?

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BeoGutten posted on Sat, Jun 23 2018 8:57 PM

Hi folks

I just bought a pair of Beovox M150 speakers. I knew that the membrane on the woofer was going to need replacement, but i began wondering if there could be anything else worth raplacing or repairing. Maybe some of the electric components?

Im hoping that someone here has experience with the repair process on the M150's and can answer the question.

Cant wait to get theese fixed up! They look amazing, and should play very well too Smile

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sonavor replied on Sun, Jun 24 2018 12:22 AM


Welcome to being an owner of the Beovox MS150 group. Yes, the foam surrounds on both speaker's woofer drivers will most likely be necessary (four total). On my MS150's I also changed out the electrolytic capacitors on the crossover board. I acquired my replacement capacitors from Martin (Dillen here on the forum).  A few years back I started a thread on restoring a pair of MS150's. Here is a post. I added to it as I later purchased a couple more pair. One is an MS150.2. My MS150 thread covers three different types of MS150 speakers I have found. 

Hope the information helps.


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Thanks Sonavor

I will be replacing the caps and foam.

Your information has been helpful, i will post again when the project is finished.

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