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New Member... Beovision 5 Screen Replacement

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Justinonfire posted on Thu, Jun 21 2018 8:25 AM

Hey Guys,


My first post! I searched through a bunch of old threads and translated a bunch as well but I couldn't quite find what I was after.


I've purchased a 42" Beovision 5 second hand, and I am looking at upgrading the panel. I few things I've figured out based on my searching:


* The panel inside my Beovision 5 is a 42" Plasma from Panasonic

* The panel is connected to a B&O motherboard of sorts..

* If I replace the panel and want the speakers to work, it will have to be connected to the B&O motherboard


My questions are:

* How is the panel connected to the motherboard?

* Is there an easy way to use the tv independently of the B&O electronics while still utilising the active speaker?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Guys!



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Hello Justin,

I'm looking at doing the same thing. Did you find away of doing this?

Regards Damian

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it is very easy. Buy an 40" or 42" Panel LCD. Change Panel .You dont need the old motherboard, just the speaker amplifier.

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