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How do we get ATV’s Dolby Atmos to a BV ?

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Sandyb replied on Thu, Jun 7 2018 10:13 AM

Yes i'm aware of how it was set up.

Anyway, i've made my thoughts clear on future B&O products (be that a BV or connection hub / system) and PUC control - B&O may still retain PUC connections, though personally i wouldn't count on it.

Where it was once necessary to enable remote control of various sources, thats much less obvious now for well rehearsed reasons.

Yesterday Sonos / Alexa + HDMI CEC control demo does show the control paths that the industry is concerned with, and not so much IR blasters.

I'm no voice fan, partly because its odd, but as i have said before, i'd probably get round to using it if it became more capable / powerful.


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As for voice controlling - seems cool.....I would not want to talk to my tv —— but that’s just me.

As much as I'd like to use voice to get some quick fix of music, I agree I wouldn't like to speak to my TV to go to Netflix and move within the content. I guess because there are more layers of navigation in TV content vs music selection.

As for the new soundbar, I am not much impressed - though to be fair I believe it depends also do you consider it alone or adding within the existing Sonos ecosystem you migth have already.

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Roger replied on Fri, Jun 8 2018 8:00 AM

Excellent posts, thanks!

I guess I agree with all of themBig Smile

I truly enjoy a good surround setup, from my very first setup with the AV9000, Pentas up front and BL4500 at the rear, via various BL6k/8k combinations with newer BeoVisions - even a BV7-55 w/projector (90 deg off to the left), with 2x BL4k center, BL5 front and BL9 at the rear - and to a slimmer setup today with BL18's + BL19 with an Avant 75. So to my point: around here, we do see customers starting to relate to surround as they did to 3D a few years back... if lucky, you can sell a BeoVision with two extra front speakers for music - but, honestly, "nobody" cares about surround sound anymore. We are even not seeing any of the bigger installations for the dedicated media rooms anymore. So the Eclipse (and Avant) are the right TV's as the sound can fill a room on its own - but I guess a pseudo-Atmos-SoundCenter would be even better: the B&O markets is clearly, around here, heading in a direction of jack-of-all-trades products.


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