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MX4002 Actual Screen Off Centre: Fix?!?

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Wadeya001 posted on Tue, May 22 2018 8:11 PM

Hi people!

Wondered if anyone has had the same problem as me and fixed it while I’m on holiday and can’t take my new MX4002 apart I thought I’d ask for help. 


I’ve got everything working on it and even adjusted the 20 settings to suit, but the only thing I can’t get perfect is the screen position. Sadly it looks like the screen has actually moved inside the casing to the left by 1cm. Although not a major issue as the screen can all still be seen it doesn’t look as nice cosmetically up close and I’m thinking it might affect my lightgun games when I get home to try. 


Ive opened my old SW2.1 MX4000 up to add a switch onto the service pins so I’m not afraid of opening these bad boys up and earthing them to make them safe to work on at all.

My main questions is how are the screen attached internally and are they even adjustable? 


Seems a bit random to make them adjust side to side as surely centre is centre?


anyways I will upload a video shortly to show what I mean (signal terrible here). Hard to show you but the black boryder is much bigger on the right and if you look closely you can see down the side of the monitor on that side. 

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I know it is a few years back so you might already have found a solution: I have a similar problem on my screens; and frankly I am almost certain that the inaccuracy of the light gun come because of the contrast screen.

I have a small Phillips and a small Sanyo monitor which I haven't had time to test my Cheetah Light Gun on as soon as I have fixed their issues (Phillips puffed and the Sanyo shows black and white only with no sounds and on on another input channel only sounds buy no image)... Once I get some vacation I know what to spend it on Wink

So if you remove the contrast screen the aim should be true again.

Hope it helps.

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