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Beosound 9000 System Setup

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mmctsai posted on Thu, May 3 2018 5:10 AM

I am totally a big fan of B&O and lucky to own below systems, really appreciate if anyone can share their views to set up properly.

Beosound 9000

Beolab 8000 (Front)

Beolab 11(Sub)

Beolab 3 (Rear)

1. The current set up is Beolab 11 powerlinks to beosound 9000 in socket 1; Beolab8000 powerlinks to Beloab 11

2. Beolab 3 powerlinks (Y chord) to beosound 9000 in socket 2.

Beolab 11 now set to option1 (most bassy) however I found it's not as bassy compares to old set up with 9000 in socket 1 and sub in socket 2 without beolab 3.

Could any advise if above set up is correct or if there are better ways to link? thanks and appreciate.




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With a BS9000 you have no fronts and rears - the 9000 is a 2-channel/stereo source.

Basicly you - with such a stereo setup - should connect the speakers to the sub for internal bas management in the sub.

As for which combination of sub/speakers/connections, you should use, only your own experiments and taste in your own environment/room can tell. There is no ‘correct’ or ‘better way’.

For me there is one single rule: When you are done, the subwoofer should be heard as an integrated part of the speakers, not as a seperate sub/speaker. This will often require, that the sub is moved around, untill you are pleased with the result.

Not much help, I are the one to know, when it is right.


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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi mmctsai,

Welcome to Beoworld!  Yes, I would agree with MM, you will get the best results by linking just the Beolab 11 to the Beosound and then connecting all four speakers to the output sockets of the subwoofer.

One way to get a good position for the subwoofer is to place the subwoofer on the chair where you usually sit (you may need a long cable for this!)  Now, play your favourite music and move around the room while keeping your head quite low to the ground (it helps to do this when you don't have friends or family in the house!)

When you find the point where the bass sounds good (ie. deep and punchy, without being too boomy) then you have found a good position for the subwoofer to sit.  Now, when you move the subwoofer to this position and sit in your chair, this will usually give you a good bass sound (in most rooms).

I would personally rate Beolab 3 above Beolab 8000, so you may wish to try the 3's as your front speakers - they are VERY good, so they may surprise you!

Please let us know how you get on.  If you need any support with cables, please click on my sponsor link below and I will be pleased to help.

Kind regards, Steve.


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Thanks MM for your valuable suggestions, yes I am aware 9000 is only 2 channel stereo. I waned to add the rear speakers as our dinning room is part of our living room so with this newly added rear system, it gave us an instant boost of sound experience. I will try to power link all speakers to sub and see how it goes~ Thanks again and loving the sound~

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Thanks Steve, I totally agreed with you on Beolab 3 sounds much better than 8000, it took my breath away when I first linked up the system with immediate front and rear experience comparison. I will link 8000 with another Y chord into sub and play around different positionings of the sub and speakers.Thanks again guys!

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