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B&O App - ear defenders not included

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mrCTE posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 6:17 PM

Had been meaning to post this a couple of weeks ago; but a quick heads up...

I was in the process of trying to set up and add a Beosound 2 to our network using the B&O App, following the last update. During set up, when I turned the TV on using the app, the TV speakers and all connected speakers were set at level 90 - it happened three times, and I was 2m away from the TV! I kid you not, my ears were ringing for 2 days afterwards. It was literally deafening. Hopefully nothing has been damaged, on me or the kit!

My workaround was to limit the TV volume to level 60. I then deleted and reinstalled the iOS B&O App, removed all products and then added them again - which fixed that particular issue my side. I sent a mail to support letting them know, but keep a remote handy and stay away from speakers when setting up new products! The BeoRemote App was working and responding normally - absolutely love that bit of kit. 

I've never pushed the speakers beyond 70, so it wasn't a last volume selected issue. I did let support know about the issue, but as yet I've not had a direct response. So next time you're adding a new product using the app, maybe keep some mufflers to hand. *facepalm*

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