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What to do with my old 32 inch Avant

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malct posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 11:34 AM

Any ideas what to do with my old 32in Avant VHS, It was pride and joy until i bought a Pioneer Kuro 500a and the Avant has been covered up for 9 years now.

No one is buying second hand due the size etc.. I am not sute if anything can be scrapped off it or just take it to my local council refuse site, Its such a shame to do that with what did cost 5K and there are no marks on the TV, Just a issue with the remote. 

Interested to here from fellow members. You never know, Old TV's may become collectors items ;-)  

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The Beonic Man
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Well I sold mine and the one I bought for my Mum for £25 each 13 years ago! Not sure if this is very helpful but not entirely convinced then, or now, that they would become collectable! Best of luck though... maybe keep it for a spare room somewhere? Simon. 

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